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[PL KATOWIC01] EU TalentOn 2024 European Union Contest for early-career researchers

Ortak kurumumuz olan University of Silesia in Katowice’den gelen mesaj aşağıdaki gibidir:

Dear Sir or Madame,

The University of Silesia and  the European Comission has the honor to invite scientists to participate in the EU TalentOn 2024 European Union Contest for early-career researchers. Please distribute this invitation throughout your institution as widely as it is possible.

The contest is funded by the European Union from the Horizon Europe programme and will be the flagship event as a part of the celebration of the European City of Science Katowice 2024.

Recruitment for the competition is ongoing!

EU TalentOn 2024 is a competition for young scientists (21-35 years old) from European countries and countries associated with the Horizon Europe Programme. The idea is to encourage you to propose new, creative solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

About 125 participants will work in 3/4/5-person groups to create a proposal in one of 5 scientific areas (which correspond to the 5 EU Missions in Horizon Europe and are called the 5 Mission Arenas). We want the proposals to be scientific, creative, feasible, and convincing: the idea is to encourage a flow of fresh, interdisciplinary ideas, including input from all areas of science and humanities.

5 Mission Arenas:

1. Adaptation to Climate Change

2. Cancer Prevention and Care

3. Restore our Ocean and Water

4. 100 Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities

5. A Soil Deal for Europe

The total value of the prizes is 75 000 EUR.

All detailed information and the application form can be found here:

This is going to be a vibrant, intellectually stimulating event!

Time to register is till July 7, 2024.