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[F NICE42] Invitation to Blended Intensive Program (BIP) – Université Côte d’Azur

Université Côte d’Azur is organising BIPs in Nice from the June 17th to the 21st 2024 during its Digital Week.

Please find related information below and the dissemination templates for interesting people and feel free to disseminate it:

1. Digital Soft Skills for educators (D2S) (for staffs)

Physical dates : 17/06/2024 to 21/06/2024,

Virtual dates between 1st/06 and 16/06/2024

2. Highrises & Pitfalls of Digital Transformation in Organizations (for staffs)

Physical dates : 17/06/2024 to 21/06/2024

Virtual date 07/06/2024

  • You can use the enclosed flyers to disseminate the BIPs
  • Each home university can use for their outgoing mobilities the Erasmus KA 131 grant or other funds
  • If yours staffs are interested to participate to one BIP, please do your internal selection and send us the list of selected staff for each BIP at before the May 15th.
  • As the total number of participants is limited, we will come back to you to confirm and ask their Erasmus mobility agreements for UniCA signature. The expected number of Erasmus participants per BIP is around 20 but will depend if the sending universities can send Erasmus participants.
  • After the signature of the mobility agreements, you will have to register yours participants in the Beneficiary Module Platform. If you use others funds, the participant must have the Erasmus status without funding as « participant not receiving Erasmus funding » in choosing « Zero grant ».

Thanks you in advance for your dissemination and we are staying at your disposal for any information.